Crossfit in Detail

CrossFit was created by Greg Glassman through years of pursuing his belief in fitness. CrossFit define fitness as being competent in all the 10 components of fitness. These are defined as:

  • 1. Cardio Endurance
  • 2. Strength
  • 3. Stamina
  • 4. Agility
  • 5. Flexibility
  • 6. Balance
  • 7. Power
  • 8. Speed
  • 9. Coordination
  • 10. Accuracy

CrossFit is a ‘strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity’.

This broken down, simply means that before your body gets used to the same stimulus we keep your body constantly challenged, forcing it to adapt to the tasks at hand. We don’t put the body in unnatural positions through the use of machines we instead mimic real life situations using large muscle groups in conjunction with each other. The workout is then completed as fast as is possible for the individual whilst maintaining the CrossFit standards and full range of movement, you are continually aiming to beat your previous best which acts as an excellent motivational tool.

The concept behind CrossFit is GPP, General Physical Preparedness, the idea of being prepared physically and mentally for an infinite number of tasks, which are transferable to everyday life.


and it’s all you’ll need to get hooked!
Check our timetable for beginner classes.

Anyone who is new to CrossFit Central Manchester regardless of current fitness level will have to complete our beginner’s classes before moving into the CrossFit classes.

What to expect and class structure

You’re time in the beginners class will be spent gradually being introduced to the 9 fundamental movements as defined by CrossFit. All classes are separated into three sections, the ‘Buy In’, ‘Skill of the Day’ and the ‘WOD’.

1. ‘The Buy In’

Simple enough, it’s your warm up.

2. ‘Skill of the Day’

This section of the class is where we breakdown and focus on technique, ensuring you are achieving the CrossFit standards and full range of motion, learning the difference between a movement done wrong and one done right. We will gradually increase the weights and intensity to a level that is comfortable for you.

3. ‘The WOD’ aka ‘The Workout of the Day’

As a beginner you’ll be introduced to a scaled down version. Weights, reps and times will be adjusted to suit the individual. Once you are able to comfortably work through the 9 fundamental movements with some intensity you will be invited to attend the CrossFit classes.

Check our timetable for beginner classes. Alternatively you can opt for personal training sessions. The beginner’s package includes one FREE personal training session followed by three personal training sessions.

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