What is CrossFit

Scaleable Workouts

CrossFit programs are completely scalable and easily modified to suit ANY person wanting to improve their fitness level. Weight, reps, times, etc… can all be reduced or increased, or an alternative exercise or activity can be used.


You wont get bored from repartition and most importantly the WOD varies considerably from day to day; each workout taxing your body differently, allowing you to push your limits while recovering from previous workouts.

Functional Movements

Movements that are natural to the body and mimic real life like lifting and moving boxes when you’re moving home.

GPP (General Physical Prepardness)

General physical Preparedness. Being mentally and physically prepared for an infinite number of tasks, at any time whatever life may throw your way.

Results Driven

Force x Distance over Time. Every workout can be measured and logged. You are continually aiming to beat your previous best and this acts as an excellent motivational tool.

It’s Effective

The CrossFit system has been incredibly successful with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, with different goals and abilities. So whether you want to be able to climb the stairs without the banister to competing in your first triathlon. CrossFit works!

It’s Enlightening

You’ll learn about effective human movement through practice and human health through listening.

Injury Prevention

CrossFit equips you to remain injury free by teaching you mastery of technique.

Learn Life Skills

What you learn will give you more energy, strength, flexibility and knowledge to apply to every day life not just your fitness.

Passion & Commitment

CrossFit coaches and athletes around the world focus on turning the tide against ill health and avoidable disease. We actually care!

An Amazing Community

We work hard, we play hard. The most important aspect of training is having fun, motivating and suffering together you won’t get bored, Ever!