Sunday 27th September 2015


“Tag In, Tap Out”

In a team of 4 complete the following:

6 Rounds, each, for time:

-10 Plate Ground to Overhead (10kg/ 20kg)

-10 Ab-Mat Sit-ups

-20 Double unders

-10 Wall Balls (6kg/9kg)

-400m Run with Med Ball


Reduce weight

10 Double unders/ 20 Singles

Reduce height or weight

At 3,2 1 Go all Athlete are stood in a line (near the shutters) Athlete 1 sprints to the first movement GTOH, they complete the 10 reps, once done they move to the Ab-mat Sit-ups, then to the Double unders, and finally the Wall balls. They then sprint back to their team and TAG the next person to set off and join the back of the line. Keep doing this until all team members have completed 6 rounds each.
This is fast past. Go as hard and fast as you can, then earn your rest as your team mates workout.
Once everyone has done their 6 Rounds the team must grab their Wall ball and the team must go for a 400m Run.
At the 100m point (3rd lampost) the person who grabbed the ball must pass the ball to another member of their team, at the 200m point the ball is passed on again, 300m point one final pass is made so that now all team members have carried the ball on the run.

Time is done when the whole team is back from their run, they must run to their plate and stand on the plate to “Tap out”