Monday 4th January 2016

Female CFCM Barbell


In a team of 2

You go, I go format.

5 Rounds each, (10 rounds in total) of:

-10 Deadlift (40kg/60kg)

-5 Push press (40kg/60kg)

-10 Box Jumps (20”/24”)


Reduce weight

Recude height or Step-ups

Only one barbell per team. One person CANNOT have two different barbells, although one team can have two different

barbells if for example a guy is paired up with a girl.

Athlete 1 completes 1 full round, 10 Deadlifts, 5 Push press and 10 Box jumps as fast as they can on their last Box jump they

tag Athlete 2 and Athlete 2 completes 1 full round. They continue this until both have done 5 Rounds each.