Thursday 11th February 2016



In 15 minutes establish your 5 Rep Max

-Back Squat

No belt,  no wraps, we’re developing absolute strength the old school way.

(Minimum fraction plate allowed is x2 1.25kg)


To calculate what weight you will use for Part B, subtract 13 from Part A, your 5 Rep Max

EXAMPLE: If you achieved 80kg for your 5 rep max, 80kg minus 13 = 67.5kg

67.5kg is the weight that you will use for Part B.

Now complete 20 Unbroken Back squats with this weight

If the form looks like shit, the weight does not increase. Depth and form is crucial to the success of this squat cycle! It’s not about doing shitty reps and letting it fly, if there is a flaw in mechanics let’s find it and fix it!

This program is as much about focus and mental toughness as it is physical exercise – probably more.

NO belts or wraps for PART A or B. This squat cycle will last 6 weeks.