Thursday 21st April 2016

We are now in week 5 of the New Weightlifting Cycle, 1 week LEFT


Find you 3 Rep Max, (2 second pause just off the ground, 2 second pause just above the knee)


This is into a full squat snatch, not a power snatch!

The repetition starts just off the ground. Pause for 2 seconds. The barbell is then brought to the top of the knee (1 inch above the knee). Pause for 2 seconds. Then complete a full snatch from the hang position. Repeat this 3 times for 1 successful lift. 

If you catch the Snatch high (i.e Power Snatch) you must ride it all the way down into an Overhead Squat for it to count.


Find you heaviest 1 Rep Max:

-Snatch Balance


Continuing on from the previous weeks, we are trying to gain confidence with going heavier and getting under the barbell.

However this week you cannot catch it high and ride it into an overhead squat, there must clearly be continuous movement into the bottom of the squat otherwise the lift will NOT count.

The Snatch balance is into a full squat position,

Barbell starts on the back of the shoulders.

Short dip, Drive the body under the bar into overhead squat position, locking out the arms.