Thursday 9th June 2016

Week 4 of the Clean and Jerk Cycle! 2 weeks left!!


Establish your Heaviest 3 Rep;

-Hang Clean Pulls

When the arms bend the power ends. It’s all about jumping with the shoulders back, keeping the arms long and loose.

This drill will help to focus on the importance of hitting extension, keeping the arms long and using the shrug.



Establish your heaviest weight for

-x2 Drop to Jerk Position

-x2 Pausing Push Jerk receiving position

Drop Jerk- The barbell sits on the back of the shoulders like a back squat. The athlete then drops into the receiving position. There is no dip and drive, it is a pull under the barbell focusing on speed and tension.

The barbell is then brought to the front for the second part of the complex.

Pausing Jerk receiving postion-

A Push Jerk with a 3  second pause in the receiving position. Push jerk not split jerk.