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There is small change to this years CrossFit Central Manchester Games, with the addition of the online qualifer before the main event. The online qualifier will determine who goes through to the main event. Details below:


Registration opens at 9am Monday 12th March and closes at 5pm Saturday 7th April

– To register for the online qualifier payment can be made through our registration page of £5.00 (+ £1 reg fee), per athlete

– A confirmation email needs to be sent, confirming, name, category and name of training facility

– Once payment has been confirmed your name will be added to the online scoreboard. The online scoreboard will go live on Saturday 17th March.


In order to compete at the main event either as an individual or as part of a team, you must complete the online qualifier as an individual, unless you are competing in the masters category.

At the main event you may only compete in one of the following categories;

– Men’s Open

– Women’s Open

– Team (2 Males, 2 Females)

– Men’s Masters (40+)

– Women’s Masters (40+)


– If you are competing in the masters category you are not required to complete the online qualifier. However to secure your place at the main event in July you must still register for the online qualifier.

– If you wish to compete as part of a team at the main event, you must register and complete the online qualifier as an individual.

Teams cannot be registered or submitted until after the online qualifier.


– All 3 workouts will be released at 9am on Sunday 8th April

– The workouts can be completed in any order and can be attempted more than once

– In order to compete at the main event in July you must complete all 3 workouts in the online qualifier

Scaling options will be available in the workouts

– If you decide to scale you can still compete in the main event as part of a team but you will not be able to compete as an individual


– All results must be submitted by 5pm on Sunday 15th April.

– We will not be accepting video submissions

– Scores must be validated by a CrossFit level 1 trainer

Workouts do not need to be completed at a CrossFit affiliate, however they must be judged by a valid CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. (A valid CrossFit Level 1 trainer is one who has taken and passed their theory test).

Any questions or problems can be emailed to

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