Welcome to CrossFit Central Manchester

We have Kettle bells for everyone!Relaxing during a session.Lifting heavy.

We are a City Centre based CrossFit affiliate gym. We offer a unique, functional fitness, strength and conditioning system called CrossFit. CrossFit exists for anyone, any age, any gender and especially any fitness level. Our workouts are functional, varied and infinitely scalable depending on your ability.

We aim to increase your ability in 10 components of fitness, Cardiovascular Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Agility, Flexibility, Balance, Power, Speed, Coordination and Accuracy. We also have a lot of fun getting you there.

If you’re struggling with your mundane gym routine and feel like you’re just not getting the results you want, join us for a free session, it’s all you need to get hooked!

See you at the gym.

Thanks. CrossFit Central Manchester Crew

Please email Melissa at info@crossfitcentralmanchester.co.uk