Below are some of our frequently asked questions but if you have a questions we have not covered here please contact us.

What’s the different between CrossFit and a regular gym?

We provide personalized coaching during every workout, for every exercise…

We not only teach you proper movement, form and technique, we also help you to find a level of intensity within yourself that you may not even realise existed. The sense of camaraderie and community that we develop in our group classes is something you won’t find at a Globo-Gym, or through training alone.

Are CrossFit workouts really hard?

There designed to be hard but not impossible…

CrossFit workouts are infinitely scaleable. Each workout is custom-tailored to your level – but everyone runs through it together, as a group. We’ll help you balance good form, safety and intensity to get the most from your CrossFit workouts. In fact we’ll let you in on a secret, everyone is a little nervous by a WOD (Work Out of the Day) at first: it’s always going to be hard, if it was easy you wouldn’t get the results you want and you’d eventually get bored!

Do you have a beginner’s class and what does it involve?

We certainly do! In fact anyone who is new to CrossFit Central Manchester can take part in a Taster Session, followed by the On-Ramp, before being moved up to the CrossFit Classes. Best of all your Taster Session is completely FREE!

CrossFit is very different to anything you will have done before and for that reason we are very strict on standards. If the movement is done correctly there is no issue of safety. You will quickly learn the difference between a movement done wrong and one done right. We will introduce and breakdown the 9 fundamental movements as defined by CrossFit and gradually increase the intensity of the workouts.

What will I do in the class?

All classes are broken down into three sections.

You’ll start with the Warm Up, then you’ll focus on the skill of the day and finish the hour session with a Workout of the Day (WOD). The classes are designed to get you warm, improve your positions & movements and then, at the end, get sweaty and out of breath using the knowledge you’ve just learned.

Do I need some experience or level of fitness?


We believe that anyone has a right to improve their fitness regardless of their current fitness level. Remember: CrossFit is scalable for any person of any fitness level.

I don’t want to get bulky, I just want to tone up!

WOW this is a new one…

Actually it’s not! The truth is there is no firming or toning… there is just stronger and leaner. Let us get you fit – we promise, your body composition will fall into line!

You have no gym machines, are you waiting for a delivery?

Sorry to have to break this to you, but the only machines we use are the rowers and you’ll also notice we don’t have mirrors either.

CrossFit is about functional movements natural to your body. Machines force your body into an unnatural movement pattern and artificially isolate muscles, which applies unacceptable levels of force to the joints. Think about it, if you have to carry a couch up three flights of stairs there’s no machine in the gym going to help you!

Will you tie me into a contract like most gyms?

Hopefully you’re starting to see a trend with CrossFit. We’re not like most gyms and therefore we pride ourselves in not operating like one. There are no contracts, just flexible memberships to suit your needs.

What should I wear?

Anything that’s comfortable! Boardies, Shorts, 3 quarter length pants, joggers, vest tops, t.shirts, hoodies. Layers are a good option. When you’re working out you can take them off, when you’re cooling down you can put them back on.

Do you have a shower and changing rooms?

Yes we certainly do. Just bring your own shower gel.