Movement Standards WOD 1


AMRAP in 7 minutes, of:

– 8 Overhead barbell lunges

– 8 Shoulder to overhead

(Recommended weight is 40kg for men and 30kg for women)

Scaling options:

Men: 30kg or 20kg

Women: 20kg or 15kg


* The bar starts from the ground. How you bring it overhead is up to you: i.e. clean and jerk or snatch.

* Hips/Knees MUST be fully extended.

*Arms DO NOT have to be completely locked when doing the overhead lunges but the bar CANNOT be resting on the body.

*The knees MUST make contact with the ground on each rep.

* You MUST stand up and be fully extended in the knees and hip, with the feet brought back together on each rep!

* You MUST alternate legs on each rep.

* Once you have completed all 8 overhead barbell lunges you MUST stand all the way up, hips, knees fully extended and feet brought back together before bringing the bar down.

(Bringing the bar down as you stand up or before you have fully stood up will result in a no rep and you will have to start from the beginning).

*  DO NOT drop or rest until you have completed all 8 overhead barbell lunges, otherwise you will have to start from the beginning!

* Once you have completed all 8 overhead barbell lunges you can rest in the ‘rack’ position only!

The ‘rack’ position the bar is on the front of the shoulders with the elbows pointing forwards.

You CANNOT rest the bar on your back or overhead and you CANNOT drop the bar, doing so will result in you having to start from the beginning!


* Shoulder press, Push press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Jerk from behind the head.

* Hips, knees fully extended at the top of the movement.

* Arms locked out overhead

* Head comes through at the top; the judge must be able to see the ear.

* The shoulder to overhead is a continuous movement; any pausing, resting or dropping will result in you having to start again from the lunges.

* Once you have completed all 8 shoulders to overhead you may place the bar on the ground.

* A completed round is all 8 overhead barbell lunges and all 8 shoulder to overhead.

* Respecting the equipment! DO NOT drop the weights, you MUST control the bar down, dropping the bar will result in a penalty being added to your final score!


Scoring is based on completed round and the number of completed reps obtained before the 10 minutes is up.

i.e. If you have completed 5 Rounds and time is called when you are on your 6th shoulder to overhead. Your score will be 5 rounds + 6 STOH.

If you have any questions regarding the movement standards for the first workout please email:

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