Movement Standards WOD 2


AMRAP in 7 minutes, of:

–       Thrusters

–       Pull ups

(Recommended weight is, 30kg for men and 20kg for women)

Scaling options:


Men: 20kg Barbell

Women: 15kg Barbell

Pull ups:

Men & women: Jumping pull ups


The barbell will start from the ground.

When taking the barbell from the ground you can choose to either power clean the barbell to the shoulders and then go into a thruster or you can do a full clean into the thruster.

On each rep at the bottom of the squat the hip crease must go below the top of the knee and at the top of the movement the knees, hips and arms must be fully extended, with the head through at the top so that the ear can be seen.

It is not recommended but the movement can be segmented into a front squat and press. (No jerking, re-bending of the knees in the press, jerking will be regarded as a no rep and will be asked to complete another rep).


You can choose any of the following pull ups:

– Deadhang pull ups

– Kipping pull ups

– Butterfly

– Jumping pull ups (scaled)

Full extension of the arms, elbows locked out, at the bottom and the chin must be brought above the height of the bar at the top, (you do not have to break the vertical plane.) Any grip on the bar is allowed.

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