Movement Standards WOD 3


For time:

30 Double unders


– Pistols

– Push-ups (release at the bottom)

Time cap: 15 minutes

Scaling options:

– Double unders – Single skipping (3 singles to 1 double under)

– Pistols – Air squats (3 air squats to 1 pistol)

– Push ups – On the knees


These are standard double-unders. The rope MUST pass twice around the body in a forward motion with one jump. Swinging the rope backward is not permitted.

For the rep to count, the rope must clear twice.  Attempts where the rope catches before clearing twice DO NOT count.

You MUST bring your own rope!


At the start of the movement you must be standing on one leg, hips, knees fully extended, at the bottom of the pistol the hip crease MUST go below the top of the knee.

The other leg CANNOT make contact with the ground or with the other leg until you are at full extension. You can hold on to the extended leg with your hands.

You must stand up to full extension of the knees and hips before completing the next rep.

You DO NOT need to alternate legs.


The feet CANNOT be wider than the shoulder and the hands are just outside shoulder width (90 degree angle)

At the top the arms MUST be locked out.

NO worming, snaking or waving! The shoulders and hips MUST rise at the same time.

At the bottom the chest and thighs must be in contact with the ground and the hands must release on every rep.

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