Sunday 18th May 2014

Main – CrossFit


Spend 15 minutes improving the Thruster with an empty bar then warm up to the weight for the workout


As a team of 3 complete the following :
– 50 Thrusters (40kg/60kg)
– 30 Pull-ups
– 40 Thrusters
– 24 Pulls-ups
– 30 Thrusters
– 15 Pulls ups

Once the barbell has been picked up it cannot be put back on the ground . Therefore the athletes must pass the barbell to each other until all Thrusters in that section have been completed. i.e all 50 reps

If the barbell is dropped there is a penalty of 20 burpees each to be completed before they can continue with the workout.

Thrusters- Reduce weight
Pull-ups- Banded pull-ups or Ring Rows

Metcon (Time)