Friday 15th August 2014

Main – CrossFit


Time to ditch the bands! At least for today.

WHY? The bands are doing the work. Not only is it getting you up and down in the dip movement, it is also pulling the rings together and keeping them stable, which without bands requires a significant amount of work on your part.
You are missing out on getting stronger tri-ceps and the shoulder stability strength necessary to keep the rings from drifting all over the place.

Instead work the following, which can also be used as a scaling option for the WOD

1. Box dips feet straight out in front
2. Box dips with (x2) 25kg plates under the heels

(Anyone who cannot complete 7 consecutive reps of progression 2 should choose this progression for the WOD.

1.Support on the rings (10 seconds) pull the rings into your side.

2. Like the jumping pull-up you’ll be using the legs.
Squat down until the arms are in the bottom dip position and then jump back up into a support and hold the support for 5 seconds. Drop down and repeat.

3. (Negatives / Eccentric) Jump to support, lower yourself as slowly as possible towards the rings. Jump back up to support

DO NOT PERFORM (negatives/Eccentric movements) IN A WOD IT CAN BE DANGEROUS! Leave the negative work for skill work not WODs.


7 Rounds for time, of:
– 7 Deadlift (80kg/115kg)
– 7 Ring dips

Reduce weight
Box dips feet out in front/ or feet raised

For the WOD only complete ring dips if you can do full range of motion ring dips. Do not use bands. Instead opt for box dips, either with your feet on the floor (easiest) or your feet on (x2) 25kg plates (harder)

Metcon (Time)