Monday 20th October 2014

Main – CrossFit


Spend some time in your warm-up going through squat therapy and mobility for the front rack.

Spend 20 minutes breaking down the squat clean and front squat and warming up for the weight in the workout.


Minute 1= 1 Squat clean (40kg/60kg)

Minute 2= 2 UB Front squats (40kg/60kg)

Minute 3= 3 UB Squat cleans

Minute 4= 4 UB Front squats

Minute 5= 5 UB Squat cleans

Minute 6= 6 UB Front squats

Minute 7= 7 UB Squat cleans

Minute 8= 8 UB Front squats

Minute 9= 9 UB Squat cleans

Minute 10= 10 UB Front squats

Minute 11= 11 UB Squat cleans

Minute 12= 12 UB Front squats

*UB= Unbroken

Keep hold of the barbell, do not drop it.

If you drop it before completing the required amount of reps for that minute you’re done).


Reduce weight


– One barbell.

– The first front squat each time can be a squat clean.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

If you complete the workout your score is 78

If you complete minute 6 your score is 21