Friday 24th October 2014

Main – CrossFit


Go through each movement and make sure you know the movement standards for each.

Spend 10 minutes time breaking down the toes to bar focusing on achieving a more efficient kip.


In a team of 4, follow the leader style.

– 60 Calorie Row

– 50 Toes-to-bar

– 40 Wall balls (6kg/9kg)

– 20 Muscle-ups


Knees-to-elbow or 50 Ab-mat Sit-ups

Reduce weight

Muscle-up progression

Athlete 1 starts on the Row. Once Athlete 1 has completed the 60 calorie row they can advance to the toes-to-bar.

Athlete 2 can now start on the rower. No over-taking, so get your fastest athletes going first.

Metcon (Time)