Monday 27th October 2014

Main – CrossFit


-Spend 15 minutes working through the handstand push-up workshop.

-Spend 10 minutes warming up to the weight for the workout.


“Death by DIane”

1st minute = 1 Deadlift (70kg/100kg)

2nd minute= 2 HSPU

3rd minute= 3 Deadlifts

4th minute= 4 HSPU

5th minute= 5 Deadlifts

6th minute= 6 HSPU

7th minute= 7 Deadlifts

8th minute= 8 HSPU

Once you are unable to complete the required amount of reps in the given minute you are done.



Ab-mat and 10kg plate

Wall climbs

Box handstand push-ups

Reduce weight

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)