18th November 2014

Main – CrossFit


Warm up should include a 5 minute practise on your Double unders. If you do not yet have double unders try the follow drills

– Eyes ups

Find a spot to focus on, if you drop the head and look at the floor you will drop your shoulder and chest and you will lose tension on the rope.

– Squeeze the bum!

Everything get better when you squeeze the bum.

– Jump from the toes

If you sound like a baby elephant learning to walk you’re using up a lot of energy. Jump like a ninja, high, controlled and from the balls of your feet.

– Elbows in, shoulders relaxed

When your arms go long it shortens the rope so you’re going to catch it with your feet. If you drop your arm you’re going to lose the tension of the rope.

– Timing

The most important. As you jump up in the air immediately slap the side of your legs twice, If you do this right you hands will finish slapping then your feet will contact with the ground. If you do it wrong your feet will

Spend 15 minutes breaking down the Split jerk

1. Lunge forward knee should be 6 inches off the ground

2. Jump into lunge position starting with feet under the hips

3. Jump into lunge with hands on shoulders

4.Jump into lunge position throw the hands off the shoulders

5. Recover front foot first then back foot


For time

50 Double unders

5 Split jerk (50kg/70kg)

40 Double unders

5 Split jerk

30 Double unders

5 Split jerk

20 Double unders

Timecap= 6 Minutes


Singles 100, 80, 60, 40

Reduce weight

Metcon (Time)