Sunday 22nd February 2015

Main – CrossFit


“My Pet Rock”

8 Rounds in total (4 rounds each),

for time:

– 400m run

– Pet Rock (40kg/60kg)

In pairs Athlete 1 runs 400m while Athlete 2 hold the ‘Pet Rock’. They must lift the ‘Pet Rock’ from the floor and hold it in the front rack position until their partner has returned.

Athlete 1 MUST tag their partner on the shoulder before the ‘Pet Rock’ can be dropped.

Athlete 2 MUST then pick up the ‘Pet Rock’ before Athlete 1 can go for the run.

If a tag on the shoulder does not take place or an athlete starts to run outside before the Pet Rock is picked up both athletes must complete 10 burpees each before continuing.

Should an athlete holding the ‘Pet Rock’ drop it before their partner has returned from running the round does not count and must be re-done.


Joey goes for a 400m Run, Tom is holding the pet rock. Whilst Joey is still on the run Tom drops the Pet Rock. The Pet Rock must stay on the floor until Joey comes back from the run. Tom then cleans the Pet Rock and Joey must go back on the 400m run.

Metcon (Time)