Sunday 7th February 2016


In a team of 3 complete:


15 minutes to establish a 3 rep max for the entire team:

-Shoulder to overhead

(Racks can be used)


-200 Toes-to-bars

(while 2 teammates hold loaded barbells overhead 30kg/50kg)

-200 shoulder-to-overheads (30kg/50kg)

(while 2 teammates hang from the pull-up bar)


Knee raises

Knees to armpits

Knees to elbows

Reduce weight to 20kg/30kg

In part B:

Racks are not permitted. Only one athlete may be performing toes-to-bars/ shoulder-to-overheads at a time, while one athlete is resting, the other two athletes are holding the static positions.

Toes-to-bar and shoulder-to-overhead reps count only if the other two teammates are in the static hold position. If one of the two athletes comes out of positions of drops from the bar the athlete completing toes-to-bar/ shoulder-to-overhead must STOP, wait until they are back in the static position before continuing.

The team must complete all 200 Toes-to-bar before moving onto the 200 Shoulder-to-overhead.

Each teammate must complete at least 25 reps of each movement.

The team’s score is the total time to complete the workout.