Thursday 24th March 2016



Stress positions

Find your heaviest weight for 3 reps, with a 3 second hold at each position, while maintaining good form

MID SHIN (bar slightly off the floor)

Focus on flat back, engaging the last

TOP OF THE KNEE (one-two inches above the knee)

Focus on the smooth sweep from mid shin to top of the knee

3 second hold, from just off the floor, transition to 3 second hold at mid thigh, back down to 3 second hold just off the floor, back to 3 second hold at mid thigh, repeat 1 more time for that set to be complete.


Snatch Balance

Find your heaviest 3 rep Snatch Balance

The Snatch balance is into a full squat position,

Barbell starts on the back of the shoulders.

Short dip

Drive the body under the bar into overhead squat position, locking out the arms.

If you are struggling with the overhead squat position you must drop as low as you can, then ride the rest of the way down into the overhead squat position. It essentially becomes two movements, but without working the full squat you will never improve that position.