Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Fran times = Fun times 😛


Kipping pull up workshop


Team ‘Fran’ (Teams of 2)

– 42 Thrusters (30kg/42.5kg)

– 42 Pull ups

– 30 Thrusters

– 30 Pull ups

– 18 Thrusters

– 18 Pull ups

The reps are divided up between the 2 athletes in anyway they choose. Once the bar is cleaned from the floor it cannot be put down until all 42 reps have been completed. Instead the team must pass the bar between each other. The only time the bar can be placed on the floor is when the team have completed all 42 reps to move onto the pull ups. If the bar is placed on the floor before completing all 42 reps the team must do 50 Burpees each. The same applies for reps 30 and 18.