Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Junkyard dog!


“Follow the leader”

As a team of 6 you must complete the following:

– 50 Double unders

– 30 ab-mat sit-ups

– 20 Push press (35kg/55kg)

– 30 Box jumps (22″/24″) (jump up, step down)

– 20 Front Squats (35kg/55kg)

– 30 Power cleans (35kg/55kg)

– 20 Dips

(One member of the team must start on the double unders, once they have completed the 50 reps they can move onto the 30 ab mat sit ups whilst another team member starts their double unders. There can be no overtaking, an athlete cannot move to the next movement until their teammate before them has finished.)


When an athlete gets to the 20 Push press and 20 Front squats they must try to complete these two movements unbroken. The bar may rest on the shoulders but cannot be held at the waistline or dropped on the floor, doing so will result in a 5 burpee penalty given to the team. For example if one athlete drops the bar on the push press twice and then twice on the front squats the team will incur a 20 burpee penalty, if 2 athletes were to do this, that would be a 40 burpee penalty.

Once everyone has finished the WOD add up the total number of penalties and that is the number of burpees the group is doing each!