Wednesday 5th February 2014

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The pathway to intensity is mechanics, consistency then and only then intensity, not chasing intensity at any cost.
Twin one can do muscle-ups because he has better technique. This applies to all movements. You want to lift heavier? work technique.

In CrossFit we have to leave our egos at the door otherwise we jut get beat down by them.
You can pick up a PVC pipe and practise your mechanics or you can pick up the pvc pipe and hit yourself over the head with it. Both are uses of the PVC pipe, one is the correct application the other is not.

– Spend 15 minutes improving your thrusters and pull-ups

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


The idea of this workout is to build capacity for you to one day complete Fran in sub 5 minutes.

Choose a weight / scale that will allow you to complete all 21,15, 9

As the time frame increase this should allow you to complete more than one round of Fran

Fastest RXD Fran time 1.54 by Jason Khaplin


– Thrusters (30kg/42.5kg
– Pull-ups

AMRAP ‘Fran” 5 minutes

(Rest 5 minutes)

AMRAP ‘Fran’ 6 minutes

(Rest 6 minutes)

AMRAP ‘Fran’ 7 minutes