Bambi’s Birthday WOD

Main – CrossFit

Wednesday 12th February


– Spend 10 minutes on working on the Kettlebell snatch

At the bottom position the KB must contact with the floor and the top position the arm must lock out overhead.
There can be no pause/change of direction/swing in the middle of the movement.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP in 35 minutes, of;

– Run 1979m (1 mile 300m)
– 8 Kettlebell snatches (4 each arm, alternating every rep) (16kg/24kg)
– 2 Inverted Burpees Handstand push ups
– 13 Kettlebell swings (16kg/24kg)

Kettlebell work- Lower the weight
Inverted burpee handstand push up- sit- up wall climb

Happy 35th Birthday Bambi!