Tuesday 27th May 2014

Main – CrossFit


Spend a minimum of 10 minutes practising ring dip and making improvements

Warm up to the weight for the lunges

In the lunges you must alternate legs each time and bring the feet together making sure to be fully stood up before going into the next lunge.
There are 4 lunges forward and 4 lunges backwards.
You CANNOT do one forward and then one backwards. The team can either choose to do the lunges on the spot or moving.


In a team of 2, you go, I go format:

20 Rounds for time:
– 4 Ring dips
– 4 Front rack Forward lunges (40kg/60kg)
– 4 Front rack Backwards lunges

Reduce weight
Banded ring dips/ dips on a box or push ups

Metcon (Time)