Benji’s WOD ‘CrossFit Wanker”

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Friday 13th June 2014


In a team of 2
AMRAP in 13 minutes, of:

– 6 Clean and Jerks (40kg/65kg)
– 14 Toes to bar

Reduce weight
14 ab-mat sit-ups

Athlete 1 does 3 clean and jerks and moves to the toes to bar
Athlete 2 can start their 3 clean and jerks once athlete 1 has completed their 7 toes to bar, athlete 2 can complete their 7 toes to bar, etc.

CONGRATULATIONS to Benji one of our head coaches who officially ended his time in the rat race yesterday and brought an end to 8 years at the co-op.
Now he is a fully fledged CrossFit Wanker and LIVING THE DREAM!!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)