Wednesday 26th November 2014

Main – CrossFit


Break down the following ring dip progressions to improve efficiency in the movement.

1.Static holds (top)

Hold the top of the ring dip, focusing on a hollow rock position work up to a 10 second hold. Ask a friend to hold the rings if you’re still working on stability

2.Static holds (bottom)

Hold the bottom of the ring dip, keeping the same hollow rock position work on a 3-5 second hold. If you are not able to work on lowing yourself on the rings just yet. Grab a band.

Focus on keeping the rings close into your sides throughout the movement.

Spend 15 minutes working on the power clean and warm up to the weight in the workout. The first five minutes should be spent working on the drill, tall cleans.


21- 15- 9

Power clean (40kg/60kg)

Ring Dips

Allocate no more than 10 minutes for the workout.


Reduce weight

Banded dips or box dips

Metcon (Time)