Sunday 24th May 2015


“Team Central Regionals”


As a team of 4

Establish a 1 rep max for each team member for;
(15 minute time cap)

100m Handstand Walk


50 rotations on a box.

The scaling for the handstand walks is the feet on top of a 20” box in the middle, the butt is in the air, the hands on the floor as close to the box as you can get them. The hands walk round the box whilst the feet remain on the box. 1 full rotation equals 1 rep.


RXD. Mark a distance of 100m for RXD. The team of 4 can travel as much distance as they want before they tag the next person in
Scaling is 1 full rotation on the box. One athlete must complete one 1 full rotation on the box before the next athlete can be tagged in