Sunday 12th July 2015


In a team of 8 complete the following for time and reps:

-400m Run

-Max Rope climb

-Max Toes to bar

-Max Overhead Lunges (10kg/20kg)

For this workout the run is the timer for the max reps.

In the Team of 8, Athlete 1 and 2 go for the 400m Run, whilst they are on the run Athlete 3,4, 5,6 and 7,8 are doing max reps of their station.

Once Athletes 1 and 2 return from the run, they move onto rope climbs, the athletes on the rope climbs move to toes to bar, toes to bar move to overhead lunges and the overhead lunges go on the Run. Only 1 Athlete is working at one time, except on the run. Once Athlete 3 and 4 have complete the Run that is the end of the WOD.

Athlete 1 & 2= Run, Rope, TTB, Lunges
Athlete 3 & 4= Rope, TTB, Lunges, Run
Athlete 5 & 6= TTB, Lunges, Run, Rope
Athlete 7 & 8= Lunges, Run, Rope. TTB

Row instead of run

Rope climb from the ground

Knees to elbow/ Knee raise/ Ab-mat sit-ups

Reduce weight