Sunday 6th September 2015


“Team Holleyman”

In a team of 2 complete the following for time:

30 Rounds of:

-10 Wall ball shots (6kg/9kg)

-6 Handstand push-ups

-2 Power clean (71kg/102kg)


Reduce height

HSPU to an ab-mat/ HSPU to an ab-mat and 10kg plate/ HSPU on a box

Reduce weight

3,2,1 go Athlete 1 completes 5 Wall balls, High Five, Athlete 2 completes 5 Wall balls. Once all wall balls are done, Athlete 2 high fives Athlete 1 to complete 3 HSPU, Once completed they high five and athlete 2 completes 3 HSPU. Again athlete 2 high fives athlete 1 and athlete 1 can complete their 1 power clean. Once completed they can high five and athlete 2 is now able to complete their power clean.