Sunday 13th September 2015


As two large teams complete the following:

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

-1 Rope Climb

-400m Run

-Max unbroken Handstand push-ups


Rope progressions

Row instead of run/ 200m Run

Handstand push-ups to an ab-mat/ HSPU to an ab-mat and 15kg plate/ Wall Climbs/ HSPU on a box

All athletes complete 1 rope climb, once the entire team has done 1 rope climb they must all then go for a 400m run.
In the order that they return from the run they must then have ONE attempt each of as many unbroken handstand push-ups as possible. As soon as the athlete comes off the wall or if they fail a rep they are done and the next athlete can then start their attempt. ONE PERSON WORKING AT ONE TIME!!       
Once everyone has completed their attempt at handstand push-ups the team moves back to rope climbs.