Saturday 7th November 2015



In a team of 2 complete the following, as a you go, I go:

AMRAP in 30 minutes, of:

-30 Double-under’s

-15 Pull-ups

-15 Push-ups

-100m Sprint

15 Double unders/ 60 Singles

Hands release Push-ups

100m Row


One partner completes 1 full round, 30 Double unders, 15 Pull-ups, 15 Push-ups and Sprint, they then tag their partner and switch over. The partners should be motivating each other and counting, not walking around or sitting off in the corner while their partner works out!

Spend some time working on the kipping pull-up and making improvements. Make sure to emphasis that you should NEVER kip until you can do at least 1 strict pull-up.

Go over push-ups, Double unders and (The 100m sprint is to the gate and back or if you’re going out the front, to the end of the road and back)