Thursday 14th January 2016



-Air Squat (15 minutes)

-Front Squat (10 minutes)

-Overhead Squat (15 minutes)

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition… Mobility is in the movement!


-20 Unbroken Back squats (32.5kg/52.5kg)


50% of your 1 rep max back squat


For Squat therapy work with PVC pipe only, spend 15 minutes working squat therapy for the air squat. Against the wall, with a target for their butt. Spend 10 minutes on the front squat improving rack position and the ability to maintain the elbows up throughout the movement, again only with PVC pipe. Finally Overhead squat allow 15 minutes, improving on the overhead position and maintaining an active shoulder throughout the movement.
Why? Squat is the first of the foundational movements. The better you can Air squat the easier all the other movements become. You’ll run faster, lift heavier! Who doesn’t want that?!

In the finisher the people who completed last week need to increase their weight by 2.5kg, so girls will be 32.5kg, guys will be 52.5kg. The scaling for anyone with a 1 rep max 60kg or less will do 50% of their 1 rep max. If they do not know what their 1 rep max is, they need to find a weight that is suitable.