Thursday 14th April 2016

We are now in week 4 of the New Weightlifting Cycle, 2 weeks to go!


Find you 3 Rep Max, 3 Second Pause,

-Hang Snatch

This is into a full squat snatch, not a power snatch!

The first repetition starts from the ground, the barbell is then brought to the top of the knee (1 inch above the knee). Pause for 3 seconds. Then complete a full snatch from the hang.

If you catch the Snatch high (i.e Power Snatch) you must ride it all the way down into an Overhead Squat for it to count. Without Dropping the barbell, take the barbell back to the hang positions (1 inch above the knee), pause for 3 seconds, then complete a full hang snatch. Repeat once more for third repetition. 


Find you heaviest 1 Rep Max:

-Snatch Balance

Continuing on from week 1, 2 and 3 we are trying to gain confidence with going heavier and getting under the barbell.

The Snatch balance is into a full squat position,

Barbell starts on the back of the shoulders.

Short dip

Drive the body under the bar into overhead squat position, locking out the arms.

if people are struggling with the overhead squat position they must drop as low as they can, then ride the rest of the way down into the overhead squat position.

It essentially becomes two movements, but without working the full squat they will never improve that position.