CrossFit Central Manchester Invitational – INFO

Information Pack for Competitors, Spectators and Officials for the CrossFit Central Manchester UK Games – July 17th 2010.
Main Details

Date :

Saturday 17th July 2010

Time :

8am – till 18.00


CrossFit Central Manchester

Unit 9
Red Bank Court
M4 4DG


  • Registration for all athletes start at 8am
  • Cost per Athlete is £15
  • The even is free for Spectators but bring some extra cash for BBQ and drink.
  • There are 4 events on the day
  • BBQ, beer and the 2010 Games will be on after the event.

    There is a local car park right next to the gym.  The cost for the Day is £2.00 up to £3.50.
  • Schedule of Events
  • Information for Competitors
  • Workouts & Movement Standards
  • Scaling
  • Heat Lists
  • Information for Spotters
  • Information for Spectators
  • What to Bring on the Day
  • Schedule:

    8.00-8.30am – Registration and payment of Athletes

    9.00 – Rules Meeting/Opening Ceremony

    10.00 – First Workout and Second workout begins

    2.00 – Third Workout begins

    4.30 – Final Workout begins

    18.00 – Award Ceremony

    18.30– BBQ and Beer – Watch the 2010 CrossFit Games

    Points to note surrounding timetable

    • In order to ensure smooth and efficient running of the competition, all heats will

    start at their designated time. It is the athlete’s responsibility to find their

    spotter before the workout is schedule to begin.

    • At registration, athletes must report any scaling requirements to the chief official

    – Melissa Henderson.

    Information for Competitors:

    • The purpose behind the CFCM Invitational Games is to provide a fun and friendly fitness competition, suitable to all level athletes, from the elite to the novice level. We aim to keep the day light hearted in attitude.

    • Every rule follows from the spirit of the Games as detailed above. Athletes are asked at all times to remember this and respect all spectators, participants and officials. Please cheer absolutely everyone on and make it a spectacular event for all.

    • Scaling is permitted in all events. Scaling reduces your score in the events and effectively eliminates an athlete from medal contention, but allows people to take part and experience the day.

    • When scaling, CFCM employs an honour system, and expects athletes to pick a challenging weight/distance/alternate exercise in place of the recommended workout.

    • Each athlete will be assigned an official for their workout. The Official’s job is to ensure movement standards and count reps of the athletes.

    • Officials are assigned by CFCM and requests to change officials will not be entertained.

    • Before workouts, your official will request you to demonstrate a full movement of the workout to their approval. You may perform a number of repetitions at the officials request. Athletes do not have to perform the movement at the required weight to agree movement standards have been met.

    Athletes are permitted to communicate with their official before and during a workout. However, the official’s word is final on whether a rep is good or not.

    • The Chief Official (Melissa Henderson) has a right to stop an athlete working out, if they

    feel they are at risk to themselves or others.

    • All athletes are required to familiarize themselves with the inherent dangers of CrossFit style workouts.

    • Athletes from outside CrossFit Central Manchester will be required to complete a declaration

    of health, consent and non-liability before commencing activities at CrossFit Central Manchester.

    • All workouts have a cut off time. If an athlete fails to complete the workout within the cut off time, their place and ranking will be determine by the number

    of reps completed in the workout.

    Workouts & Movement Standards:
  • All Events will be announced on the day of the games
  • Movement standards will be made clear with movement demos on the day of the games
  • Points and Scaling

    • Competition points are scored for successful completion of the workout in the

    fastest time possible.

    • 1st place will receive 1 competition points for the workout, 2nd Place will

    receive 2 competition points, 3rd place will receive 3 competition points, 4th

    will receive 4 points, 5th will receive 5 points, 6th will receive 6 and so on.

    • Cut off times are in place in all workouts to ensure the competition runs on time.

    • Should an athlete fail to finish the workout within the cut off time, they still receive competition points. For example, if Alan finishes workout one in 14:58 and comes 4th place, he will receive 4 points. If Pete gets to 35 double unders, and comes in 5th place, he receives 5 competition points.

    • Total competition points will determine the rankings on the day, not total time across all three workouts.


    • Scaling is permitted on any workout. Scaling is in

    place to allow everyone to take part in a comparatively tough workout. Athletes

    who scale remove themselves form medal contention.

    • For any weighted activity, scaling is accomplished by reducing the weight on the

    bar.  Scaling the distance on the run or the rower is not permitted

    • Scaling reduces your competition points. Any who needs to scale the workout will be awarded points after the last Rxd athlete position.  For example – Bob completes the workout in 14.47 and is in 50th place and is last place for athletes completing the workout Rxd and receives.  Tom is the fastest person on the same event but scaled the workout he will receive 51points and will be in 51st place.


    • Unless stated otherwise, the movement standards for movements are those which are typically accepted shall be in effect.

    • The judges primary job is to ensure full Range of Motion (RoM) standards (e.g. squats breaking parallel). Judges are not required to penalize inefficient/weak technique (e.g. back rounding, weight shifting onto the balls of the feet) though may point these out to the athletes in the interests of helping them.

    • Judges are encouraged to encourage their athletes, provide them feedback in terms of time, placing, repetitions, and also provide cues to ensure safe and effective movement.

    • If a judges believes an athlete to be in danger of hurting themselves, they may alert the athlete of this issue. If the athlete repeatedly performs what the judge believes to be unsafe movement, they must inform the chief official who will make a decision as to whether to allow the athlete to continue.

    In the interests of both safety and efficient running of the competition, athletes will not be permitted to lower the weight during a workout. Lowering weights upon muscle fatigue increases the risk of rhabdomyolosis and excess plates on the floor have the potential to be a trip hazard.


    • CrossFit Central Manchester wants to extend an invite to all athletes to bring friends and family down to watch on the day.

    • There is no charge for spectators for the Invitational.

    • Spectators should note that the entire floor space of CrossFit Central Manchester will be used throughout the day, as different areas will be used for different workouts. Kindly follow the requests of officials and spotters in keeping your distance from the athletes

    • Please place all rubbish in the bin when finished with it.

    • Feel free to cheer, encourage and support all athletes, and take as many photos or videos as you wish.

    What To Bring On The Day:

    • All athletes are encouraged to bring enough food and water with them for the day.

    • You are encouraged to bring food with which you are familiar. Trying new post workout food is not advised.

    • Fresh fruit is good for post workout recovery, and some athletes have had success with chocolate milk. Nuts are also advised.

    • It is vital that you drink plenty after the workouts, to replenish your body’s hydration levels.

    • Please bring your own zinc oxide (athletic) tape, if your hands are likely to tear during workouts. CFCM will not be supplying zinc oxide tape.

    • If you are prone to cutting your shins off the bar in workouts, please bring plasters as well. CFCM will require all athletes to have any wounds or scabs covered before beginning workouts.Please remember to cheer for everyone, introduce yourself to all athletes and spectators, and have fun!

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