Wednesday 29th February 2012

Some of the crew celebrating the end of WOD 12.1.. No more Burpees.. for a little while anyway!

Lifting heavy s**t

– Backsquat

1×5 at 65%

1×5 at 75%

3×5 at 80%

(Rest a maximum of 2 minutes in between sets)


‘Sudden death’

– 5 Hang Power clean

Starting at a minimum of 25kg/35kg you must complete 5 Hang Power Cleans without dropping the bar (you can rest in the hang position but the bar cannot go back on the ground until all 5 reps have been completed).

Once you have successfully completed all 5 reps you have 1 minute (or if in a group 1 minute from when the first person finishes their 5 reps) to increase the weight by a minimum of 5kg and a maximum of 10kg.

You continue to increase the weight until you are unable to complete all 5 reps.