Thursday 19th April 2012

Outlaw Way Manchester Training Camp

The Manchester Outlaw Way Training camp is almost here!

So this really is your last chance to sign up


Here is a snippet from Rudy Nielsen’s doctrine;

“CrossFit could be directed in such a way that it would look very much like a high intensity version of the conjugate method. I’ll give you an example.

We run 4, 6, and 12 week cycles at my gym. We do these with our general population clients because it give us something to focus on and gives every new wave of clients a chance to learn the focus of the cycle when it comes around again. Mostly we focus the 6 weeks on a main lift (Clean and Jerk or Snatch), a main gymnastic (ring work, HS work, or bar work), and some sort of squat percentage wave. Then I program at least some of our met-cons to help develop any of the things we’re working on.”

Want to know more? Visit the Outlaw Way Blog


The Training camp is for anyone wanting to improve as an athlete. This isn’t about how to programme or how to be a better coach, but how to be the better you!

In Rudy’s words..

“All sessions will feature instruction, demos and discussion of ways to think through WODs before performing them. Again, this will not be a beat down weekend, but will be an opportunity to learn to approach the sport with as much efficiency as possible.”

Competing in this years REGIONALS at Copenhagen?

The Outlaw Way training camp is even more beneficial for those competing in Copenhagen for Regionals, as it is an opportunity to be discuss strategies for each workout to help maximise your potential.


FRIDAY 20th APRIL – (5.30pm-8.00pm)

Arrive at CrossFit Central Manchester from 5.30pm onwards

(Free secure parking is available at the back of the gym.)

– Meet and Greet 5.30pm-6.00pm
– Weightlifting session 6.00pm-8.00pm

SATURDAY 21st APRIL – (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Meet at CrossFit Central Manchester. The gym will be open from 8.00am serving paleo breakfast and coffee courtesy of Joanne likes food.

Don’t forget to bring any gear you would need for a competition weekend. For example a change of clothes, mobility objects like hockey balls foam rollers, athletic tape, wrist straps, etc

The intro to the training camp will start from 9.00am.

– Intro

– Workouts

Paleo lunch will also be served so leave those Tupperware boxes at home!

Group social (Manchester City Centre)

Hang out with us at the gym or meet back at CrossFit Central Manchester for 7pm, cars can be parked at the gym. We will then head into town where we have a room reserved at the restaurant Papa G’s.

The table is booked for 8.00pm.

Please RSVP via email if you are, or are not attending the social, so we can confirm numbers with the restaurant.

SUNDAY 22nd APRIL – (9.00am -2.00pm)

Arrive at CrossFit 3D

– Squat clinic 9am

– WODs

– Q&A


The training camp is a 3 day event and costs only £150!


Here are maps to the gyms,

MAP for CrossFit Central Manchester or MAP for CrossFit 3D

If you need any more information shoot us an email at: