Wednesday 28th Movember 2012

You’ll always have people asking you WHY you do CrossFit. One of the reasons we CrossFit is because it is functional. It involves movements that we do in everyday life, movement that are natural.
These movement patterns are built into our DNA and do not need to be taught. For example, observe a baby who have started to walk, they make brilliant CrossFitters! No one has taught them how to squat or deadlift or press. It is only as we get older we begin to lose the ability to perform these basic mechanics and therefore need to re-teach ourselves, so that we can perform these movements without injury.


Front squat double


‘The Front Squat Medley is going down.’”

The Front Squat Medley:

– Max reps at 62.5kg/ 85kg

– Max reps at 45kg/ 62.5kg

– Max reps at 30kg/45kg

Scaled guys: 70, 50, 35

Scaled: 50, 30, 20

Max reps on each weight, Once the bar is taken off the rack it cannot be placed back on the rack or dropped. Keep going till the legs give out.  The rest between weights is the time it takes to change the weight on the bar. No more than 30 seconds.