Thursday 21st March 2013


AMRAP in 12 minutes, of;

– 150 Wall balls (6kg/9kg)

– 90 Double unders

– 30 Muscle ups


For those competing in the CrossFit Open and wanting to complete the workout at the gym you must book in a time so that you can be assigned a judge.

Booking is first come, first serve.

The time slot you choose is not the time you arrive at the gym to start warming up nor is it the time you start setting up your equipment.

The time slot is the time the workout will start!

If you wish to warm up please arrive at the gym in time to do so. You need to have all your equipment ready before your allocated time slot.

It is your responsibility to know the movement standards and have all your equipment set up it is your judges responsibility to check it’s correct.

If you are not ready when the workout is due to start you will lose your time slot and you will have to re-schedule.

Below is a list of time slots available! The number in brackets next to the time slot is the maximum number of people who can be booked in at that time slot NOT the number of people already booked at that time.

(Example (2/4) – 2 out of 4 spaces are remaining)

To secure your spot please text 07545593254 with the day and time slot and your name!

THURSDAY 21st March


7.20am (0/0) Will

7.35am (0/0) Eugene


5.45pm (1/2) Sean Chapman/

6.00pm (0/0) Danny Bamber/ Joe Russell

6.30pm (0/0) Matt Murf/ Dave Crawford

6.45pm (0/0) Alex Kennedy

FRIDAY 22nd March

8am (0/0) Tim Parkinson


6.45pm (3/3) Shelly / Izla

7.00pm (0/0) Louisa/ Josh Wicks

7.15pm (3/3) Robbie Stewart

7.30pm (3/3)


SUNDAY 24th March

1.15pm (0/0) Dan Bland/ Joe Cowen

1.30pm (0/0) Chris Smith/ Will Lawson

1.45pm (0/0) Tom Pain/ Paul Redmond


If you are unable to attend any of the timeslots, put a message on the members Facebook page asking if anyone is available outside of class and open gym times.

To judge you must have taken and passed the CrossFit Level 1 test.

Anyone who is not a member of CrossFit Central Manchester and would like to complete the Open workout can do so by booking a time slot as mentioned above.

Drop- in rates are £15 for “non-affiliate members” and £10 for “affiliate members”

(Affiliate members are people who are from a gym that is apart of the CrossFit affiliation programme. If your gym is not a CrossFit affiliate then you will be classed as a ‘ non-affiliate member.)