Sunday 12th April

CrossFit Central Manchester – CrossFit


In a team of 4

AMRAP in 30 minutes:

80 Deadlifts (70kg/100kg)

80 Burpees

20 Prowler push (60kg/90kg) 50meters

20 Overhead walking lunges (35kg/60kg) 25meters


Reduce weight


Deadlifts. Each athlete does 5 reps then tags the next athlete. Continue this until all 80 reps are complete.

Burpees. Each athlete completes 5 reps the tags the next athlete, continue this until all 80 reps are completed.

Prowler is set at a distance of 25m there

and 25 meters back.

Once an athlete has started they must complete the full distance. All athletes must complete 5 lengths each.

Overhead lunges are set at 25 meters. The barbell is held in an overhead position, the knee must touch the ground on each rep.

Each athlete must complete a total of 5 lengths.

Once an athlete has started the must complete the full distance before the next athlete can start.

Only one person working at once.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)