Thursday 30th April 2015

CrossFit Central Manchester – CrossFit


Building core strength for gymnastics

-Plank hold (1 minute) x2

-Push-up technique (5 minutes)

-Hanging L-Sit (1 minute) x2

-Strict toes-to-bar (Total of 20 reps)

-Wipers (Total of 10 reps)

-Skin the Cat progressions


Plank hold on the elbows

Hanging L-Sit with knees bent, or Knee tuck on a box

Strict Partial range toes to bar

Wipers with knees bent


As a team of 2 complete the following:

-150 Toes to bar

Every minute on the minute complete:

-5 Burpees each

Only 1 person working at one time on the toes to bar. On the burpees both athletes can do the burpees at the same time, but they cannot start the toes to bar until both athletes have finished the burpees.


Knees to armpits

Knees to elbows

300 Ab-mat sit ups

Metcon (Time)