Thursday 7th May 2015



Work through the progressions for the Ring Dip

-Box Dips
-Holding support on the Rings (20 second hold)
-Ring Dips
-Weighted Ring Dips
-Kipping Ring Dips

If you can support your body on the rings jumping into position is not going to make this easier. Instead lower the rings and try to support your body by slowly lifting your feet.


In a team of 2, complete the following:

AMRAP in 8 minutes;

In the time that it takes Athletes 1 to complete

– 20 Dynamic Hollow Rocks

Athlete 2 must complete

– As many Ring Dips as possible

Once the athlete has complete the 20 Dynamic Hollow rocks they must high five their partner and switch over.

The score is the amount of Ring Dips completed in 8 minutes.