Thursday 3rd September 2015


Strict Muscle-up

Progressions of a strict muscle-up
-False Grip Hang
-False Grip Pull-ups (CTR)
-Slow Transition
-Strict Ring Dip

Make sure to emphasis what a strict muscle up is. There should be no kick of the feet at any point and no fast transition. It should be controlled. Feet should be off the floor, arms are locked out.


In a team of 2:

AMRAP in 8 minutes:

-2 Muscle ups

-6 KB swings (24kg/32kg)

-8 Ab-mat sit-ups



Muscle up transition

Reduce weight

In the workout Athlete 1 completes a muscle up, Athlete 2 completes a muscle up. Athlere 1 then completes 6 KB swings, followed by Athlete 2 completes. Same for the Ab-mat sit ups.