Sunday 10th July 2011

Chris Jones practising his L-sit hold whilst on his jollies! Nice work!


Deadlift x5


“Death by..”

Burpees (Burgener style!)

With a continuously running clock do one burpee on the first minute, two burpees on the second minuteā€¦ etc continuing as long as you are able to complete the number of burpees in the given time. Remember this is Burgener style burpees so strict form on each rep is a must!

“Burgener’s 6 point Burpee”

1.Crouch on the floor

2. Jump the feet out behind you, arms locked out

3. Bend the arms and place the chest on the floor

4. Push up and lock out the arms

5. Jump the feet back in, so you are back in the crouching position

6. Jump and clap with hands over your head!