Sunday 6th May 2012


Rope climbs

Carl’s Birthday WOD

As a team complete the following:

– 24 Calorie row

5 Rounds for time, of;

– 5 Power cleans (40kg/60kg)

– 8 Rope climbs

– 8 Box jumps (20″/24″)

2 members of the team will start on the rower and must complete a 24 calorie row. Once one athlete has completed their row the next athlete can get on the rower and start their calorie row. All 4 athletes must complete the row before moving on to the next segment.

At the power cleans and box jumps 2 athletes can complete the movements at the same time, each athlete must complete all 5 and 8 reps before swopping. All 4 athletes must complete one movement before moving onto the next

On the rope climbs 8 is the total amount to be completed by the team, so each athletes completes 2 rope climbs. At this stage only one athlete can work out at one time.