Tuesday 26th June 2012


– 500m max effort row


– 10 Rounds

– 30 Double unders

– 10 Kettlebell swings (16kg/24kg)

But on the minute every minute,

– Death by Burpees

You must try to complete the 10 Rounds before you burpees ‘kill’ you. After 3,2,1, Go you start the double unders and KB swings, if you complete a round before it reaches 1 minute, go back to the double unders and complete as many as you can. However once the clock strikes 1 minute you must complete 1 burpee. You can then pick up where you left off and chip away at the double unders and kettlebells. Each time a minute passes you must complete the number of burpees for the corresponding time. i.e 1 minute, 1 burpee, 2 minutes, 2 burpees etc.

If you are not able to complete the number of burpees in the corresponding time, you have essentially been killed by the burpees.