Tuesday 16th October 2012

Wall ball sit-ups.. I like!

Simon was very excited about the hello we are giving today because it’s where his mum is from, no doubt some of Simon’s family have been checking out the website, so today we say;



Squat complex

– 1 Back squats

– 1 Front squat

Take the weight from the rack position complete 1 back squat, press or jerk the bar from behind the head and complete 1 front squat, then re-rack the bar. Continue for a total of 8 completed sets, increasing weight each time. If you are unable to increase in weight, complete the remaining sets at 10-20kg less than the set you attempted.


In a team of 2;

6 Rounds of;

– 200m Row

– Max effort squat cleans (50kg/70kg)

Rest 1 minute

One athlete starts on the rowing machine, the other athlete  starts on the squat cleans.

The row is the timer for the squat cleans. The athlete on the squat cleans must complete as many squat cleans as they can, in the time it takes their partner to row 200m. The score is how fast you completed the row and the amount of reps for the squat cleans.

After each round rest 1 minute and then alternate. The rower now squat cleans and vice versa.