Saturday 24th Movember 2012


Taken from Kelly Starrett today we’re exploring the relationship of bent elbows and shoulder instability.

When athletes are working overhead and missing full range, they will often bend their elbows in an attempt to buy their shoulders some capsular/positional slack.  The additional shoulder range created by bending the elbow and by extension, internally rotating the shoulder joint allows for full physiological shoulder flexion.  However, shoulder stability is sacrificed in the process and the joint is rendered unstable and the shoulder girdle musculature  positionally inhibited (not to mention the poor, poor, innocent elbow that is essentially gunned down in the crossfire of your meat headedness….)  As a coach, this cue is easy to spot, and it means pretty much one thing: missing full, stable  shoulder flexion.  Oh, and don’t hit your head on the rack if you can help it.